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Back to Balance Signature Coaching Programme 

You're struggling with your energy and overall health, you’re overthinking, have a lack of self care, always put your needs last, struggle to stay present, definitely work too much and are overly stressed or burning out. This is making you sad, confused, you can’t see a way out, you’re exhausted and feeling like a failure.

Good news is that you want and are ready for change! You’re now ready and excited to rebuild a more balanced, healthier, present and sustainable path. In this 5 month coaching programme you’ll be able to build long-term, bigger picture strategies, learn how to live more mindfully, better manage your energy levels and time management skills, strengthen your positive inner voice and step into your confidence and decision making.

The Discovery

We'll discover what drives you, you'll understand your struggles, feel more energized and refreshed. You’ll have much more clarity with your goals and your future, and you’ll become the powerful person you truly are meant to be.

What’s Involved

6x 1:1 video coaching sessions of 60/90 minutes each in approx 5 months.

~ 3x accountability phone calls of 30 minutes each.

~ Homework after every session for even more personal growth.

~ The design of a unique & powerful life goal with new tangible actions created in every session.