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90 Minute Intensive Deep-Dive Session 

Join me on this 90 Minute Intensive Deep-Dive Session for only £149. Here we’ll really deep dive into a few specific areas that you’re struggling with to be able to propel you forward to a much brighter future.

You’re aware that boundaries need to be put in place, goals need to be set, a clearer direction needs to be formed but you’re possibly procrastinating, have limited beliefs, lack of motivation or confidence or are feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

We’ll be working on your mindset, practising positive thinking, being more productive with your time and energy and building a solid and exciting new plan for your future. So if you’re after faster action, instant clarity and bolder changes, then this session is a big step in a forward focused direction.

It’s also a great way to understand what coaching truly is, its power, how it can change your life and having that powerful support from myself as your coach.

What's Invovled

  • 1x video coaching session of 90 minutes.
  • Unique homework for even more personal growth.
  • The design of a unique & powerful life goal with tangible actions to work on further.