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My Story

I had a dream job as a freelance photo editor in the UK’s best women’s glossy magazines, I lived in the buzzy city of London and drank cocktails at the best parties… I ticked all the boxes and had a glittering life, but at 30 my life collapsed around me.

After years of blurred work life balance, high levels of stress, pushing myself too hard, overthinking and destructive behaviour, my mind, body and spirit, couldn’t cope anymore. I had ignored all the warning signs and completely burnt out.

I tried for a year to keep up my fast paced rhythm, stretching myself too much, thinking my habits were ‘OK for now’ and that I was ‘healthy’ and trying to do it all alone but I became more confused and just sank deeper into burnout and failing health. I was overwhelmed, confused and felt like a failure. I desperately wanted a quick fix to get back to how things were, but I just didn’t have any answers as to how to bring back my motivation, health and physical and emotional energy.

I finally accepted that I needed to make big changes in my life, inside and out. So I started by moving to Spain to be closer to my family. I started to focus my energy on the best choices for my well-being; my health became number 1 in my decision making. It was a slow journey, but I began building the blocks of my stable new life, health and mindset. It certainly would’ve been easier and quicker if I had had help from a coach to help me with my anxiety, my focus and direction, my bad habits, where I put my energy and my work life balance. Since then, I met my husband Miguel, had my little boy Elian and live in Seville, Spain.

So I know how you feel and I’m here to tell you, that you can avoid burnout or your unhealthy stress levels, you can step into your confidence and decision making, you can feel motivated about life and your purpose again and you can live a refreshed, energised, healthy, joyful and powerful life that you so deserve. And hopefully, I’ll be here with you for that beautiful journey. x

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