Transform Your Life: Discover How to Achieve Balance and Reclaim Your Health in 6 Months.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out? Do you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels and not making progress in your personal or professional life? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with burnout and finding balance in their lives. But the good news is, there is a solution.

Unleash Your Full Potential with my Back to Balance Coaching Program

You’re struggling with your energy levels, have a terrible work life balance, have a lack of self care, feelings of heaviness and unrest, always put your needs last, spiraling negative thoughts, over work and are always stressed and don’t want to burn out but can see it happening. This is making you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and confused, but you can’t see a way out, you tend to shut down, feel like a failure and are scared of change.

The good news is that you know this can’t go on, are ready for change and are excited to build a more balanced, healthier, energized and sustainable path.

Well in the 5 month Back To Balance Signature Coaching Programme you’ll be able to better manage your energy levels, time and workload, manage stress with more ease, build long-term, bigger picture strategies, get real clarity on what’s important in your life and step into your confidence and decision making.

You’ll come out of fighting mode to feeling calmer, become less reactive and more capable, discover what truly drives you and gain much more clarity for your future,

This unexpected journey of self-discovery will have huge impacts on you, your health and your future. So stop just surviving and let’s get you thriving.

What’s Involved in The Program

We’ll discover what drives you, you’ll understand your struggles, feel more energized and refreshed. You’ll have much more clarity with your goals and your future, and you’ll become the powerful person you truly are meant to be.

1:1 Video Coaching Sessions

6 x 1:1 Video Coaching Sessions of 90 Minutes Each in Approx 5 Months.

In these transformative video sessions, I create a safe, judgment-free space for you to rebuild a healthier, balanced path. Gain awareness, overcome obstacles, manage time and energy, prioritize self-care, identify stressors, and prevent burnout. Tailored to your evolving needs and goals, you’ll be professionally guided towards where you want and need to be. Work with a thinking partner to uncover barriers and design a powerful vision for your overall well-being.

Accountability Phone Calls

3 x Accountability/Booster Phone Calls of 30 Minutes Each

These check in calls will give you added support, security, accountability and help you plan to go further in your journey.

Back To Balance Workbook

Homework After Sessions for Even More Personal Growth.

These tools and exercise are a powerful way of creating more personal development and they have the ability to transform your life alongside the coaching support. They bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. They support you in discovering your desires, needs, strengths, areas to work on, growth and change. This Google Document will be updated with information, tools and action steps when needed for us both to share and refer back to between sessions.

Implementation of Your Goals

The design of a unique, powerful and inspirational life goal with new tangible actions created in every session.

This will give us direction and motivation to move forward in the right direction to your dreams and goals. Here you’ll also be able to look back at the incredibly transformational journey you’ve been on and how it was possible to completely turn your life around and reach desired outcomes.

What Previous Clients Have Said

I know how you feel and I’m here to tell you, that you can avoid burnout or your unhealthy stress levels, you can step into your confidence and decision making, you can feel motivated about life and your purpose again and you can live a refreshed, energised, healthy, joyful and powerful life that you so deserve. And hopefully, I’ll be here with you for that beautiful journey.

Jordan M

My experience with Bianca was so beneficial and insightful. I really appreciated how effective she was at listening to my experiences and needs, she really gets to the core of issues. My perspective has completely shifted since my time with Bianca, most notably the adjustment in seeing the future as a completely uncontrollable variable to something that I have an input in defining how I respond to it. I’d definitely recommend Bianca to all professionals struggling with a work-life imbalance!

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Frankie R

Bianca is an exceptional coach. I found working with her very natural. She has a warm and empathetic manner which made me feel very relaxed. She was able to give me true value from our coaching relationship.

Lucy D

Working with Bianca enabled me to completely transform my life. I am more confident in my choices & feelings, I’ve learnt to trust myself again & rediscovered my sense of self, this wouldn’t have been possible without Bianca’s guidance. I’m so thankful for our time together & anyone on the fence about working with Bianca should definitely seize the opportunity!

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Hannah H

Coaching with Bianca proved to be a remarkable success, pulling me out of the chaos and exhaustion of burnout. Through self-reflection and Bianca’s support, I embarked on an unexpected journey of self-discovery that positively impacted my self-esteem, well-being, and energy levels. Now, I navigate life’s challenges with calmness, devote quality time to myself, and I’m more present for my loved ones. I’d 100% recommend Bianca without a doubt. Bianca’s empathetic approach and insightful questions created a safe space for growth, empowering me to prevent burnout and pursue the fulfilling life I deserve.

Claire P

Bianca was welcoming, understanding and great at listening to me. I hadn’t used coaching before and Bianca put me at ease straight away. Bianca is helping me with my wellness, burnout recovery and further burnout prevention.

Savannah A

Bianca is an exceptional coach who I wholeheartedly recommend. Through our coaching sessions, I initially sought support for rest but soon discovered the true obstacle was self-care. Challenging my internal beliefs, Bianca helped shift my perspectives and equipped me with valuable tools and clarity to achieve the balance I desired. Her strengths in holding space, asking powerful questions, and providing support and accountability were evident throughout. I emerged from each session with actionable plans and felt that the sessions were tailored precisely to my needs and goals. Working with Bianca exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for the transformative experience we shared.

Get Started on Your Future to a Healthier, More Balanced & Burnout Free Life You'll Love.

Are you ready to manage your stress levels, steer clear of burnout, discover what drives your, feel more energised & gain clarity in your life?

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