Transform Your Life & Beat Burnout:
Discover a Healthier, Balanced Life in this 6 Month Programme

Have you ever felt that you’re stuck on a fairground ride that won’t stop racing? Sure it’s fine for a while but at some point you need to get off. Lifestyles that seem fun in our early years eventually lose their excitement as the cliche of burning the candle at both ends (with you in the middle) becomes worryingly real. 

Nowadays, you’re juggling a demanding career,  responsibilities, pressures and life’s challenges. Work somehow took over your life, you feel guilty for slowing down, don’t know what your needs are and have no healthy boundaries. This has knocked your confidence and decision making and you feel like you’re surviving and no where near to thriving.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re wanting support to lead a much more energised, productive and well balanced life where you’re aware and manage your stressors, learn why you burnt out (or are heading there fast!) and know what to do if it ever happens again, then this Back to Balance coaching programme has been designed for you.

Unleash Your Full Potential with the Back to Balance Coaching Programme


You’re life is out of control; you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, reaching for quick fixes, struggling with your energy, have disturbed sleep, are irritable and anxious and have very blurred work life balance.

All of this mounting stress makes you feel like you’re unable to cope with life’s demands. On top of that you have tremendous guilt for resting, are always switched on and now have failing health. Yet you just keep pushing past the warning signs.


This is all leaving you exhausted, overwhelmed and you shutdown  but can’t see a way out. And now with a crisis of confidence and feeling like a failure and you ask, ‘Am I broken?’ or ‘I’ve lost my way.’

Burnout means you’re in a set of circumstances that aren’t right for you. Maybe some habits or behavioural traits of yours also aren’t working.

Need Change

So you’re here because you know this can’t go on, it isn’t sustainable and more damage will be done if you carry on this way. 

Through my professional coaching and personal experience, I can tell you, that it is possible to gain clarity for your future, prioritise your needs and live a motivated, refreshed and powerful life where you’re back in control again.

Can you imagine what it would be like to thrive in life?
With me as your coach, you'll be guided to live your best life.

In this flexible 6 month 1:1 coaching programme you’ll learn how to:

  • Confidently put your needs first (without the guilt),
  • Learn how to recognise and then manage your stressors,
  • Learn when and how to incorporate rest,
  • Discover your unique strengths,
  • Live a much more mindful work life balance that’s unique to you,
  • Detach your self-worth solely from your achievements,
  • Build healthier habits and routines,
  • Become comfortable with boundaries,
  • Easily incorporate the right self-care into your busy schedule,
  • And come off the burnout path as you understand and process what happened and learn to spot future red flags.

We also build long-term, bigger picture strategies where you’ll gain clarity on the importance of health, your energy, your time, what serves you well and what’s truly important to live an aligned life.

So together, let’s take that first step on this incredibly powerful energized and beautiful journey of self-discovery.

What’s Involved in The Programme?

Quick fixes aren’t sustainable, so together we’ll create a plan with action steps, accountability, reflection, learning and growth. This programme goes deep than expected as we discover your strength, your resilience, your own inspiration and a profound self confidence as you heal and find more freedom from your contraints and struggles.

This all takes place within a professional, creative, supportive, safe space, free from judgement from myself. So let’s get you further ahead in both your career and life, without sacrificing your health and well-being.

1:1 Online Video Coaching Sessions

6x 1:1 Online Video Coaching Sessions of 60/90 Minutes Each in Approx 5/6 Months

In these private online video sessions you’ll gain insights on your problems and obstacles and learn how to manage or overcome them as you find your inner strength, your own answers, your hidden intuition and internal compass. The sessions provide a very unique and tailored experience to your evolving needs; whether that’s exploratory or forward goal focused.

With a professionall thinking partner, this individualized attention, support and guidance will encourage self-reflection as you design and then work towards a powerful future vision of yourself and new paths.

Here you have the opportunity to unlock your full potential and your hidden dreams to experience meaningful transformations in many aspects of your life.

Check In Phone Calls

3x Check In Phone Calls of 30 Minutes Each

These check in calls will give you added support, security, accountability and help boost you further forward in your journey. Each call is tailored to your specific and unique needs.

Homework For Growth

Homework After Sessions for Even More Personal Growth

During the programme you’ll be given tools and exercises via a shared Google Document. This will be updated with information and action steps so you can refer back to it between sessions and for even more personal development, insights and growth.

Alongside the coaching support, these tools and exercises have the ability to help change your thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately your life. They bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. They’ll assist you in discovering your desires, strengths and areas to develop.

Reaching Your Goals

The design of a unique, powerful and inspirational life goal with new tangible actions created in every session

A unique goal will give us direction and motivation to move in the right direction. You’ll then be able to look back at the incredibly transformational journey you’ve been on, the person you’ve now become, see how it was possible to turn your life around, reach those desired outcomes and be much more resiliant and prepared for the future ahead.

What Previous Clients Have Said

I know how you feel, I’ve been there, I severely burnt out and had major life transformations. With time I managed to become my own cheerleader, prioritise my needs, put positive steps in place and turn my life around. Investing in yourself and your health is the best investment you’ll ever make. And hopefully, I’ll be with you on that beautiful journey ahead.

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Bianca was welcoming, understanding and great at listening to me. I hadn’t used coaching before and Bianca put me at ease straight away. Bianca is helping me with my wellness, burnout recovery and further burnout prevention.

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Aerospace Engineer, Business Thought Leader & Entrepreneur.

Let's discover a Healthier, More Balanced & Burnout Free Life You'll Love.

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